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  1. Courier Service: the packages sent by this postal service can be tracked by the tracking number supplied after the order is shipped. See your account section.
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In this case you are to contact our support team and notify of the problem. We will either resend the package or refund your payment. See our Policies for more information.

Please note that if there are 90 or even more pills in your order, the order will be sent in several packages: you will get 30 pills plus 4 gift pills in the first envelope and the second package with the balance (60 pills) will be delivered a week later.

How much will I have to pay if you reship the product?

We will reship the product free of charge. No additional charges will be placed.

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How can I check the status of my order?

There are 2 options to do that:

  • to contact our support team (Contact Us)
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Your bonus, the status of your recent order, the dispatch date and the approximate day of the delivery can be checked in your account section. To enter into your account section you are to insert the order number, your e-mail address and the verification code (the digits in the box next to the "Verification code" field).

In case your order was sent by a Courier Service, the tracking number can also be obtained from the same page.

The order has not been sent out yet. I need to change the shipping details. What should I do?

In your account section you can leave us a message to cancel the order or to change the shipping information.

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